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Cryptocurrency airdrops and investments


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Is Safemoon a scam?
 Yes, Safemoon is a scam. Safemoon is a scam. The proof that safemoon is a scam.
 Yes, Safemoon doesn't have security. Their safemoon contract can withdraw your safemoons without your permission.
 I gave my wallet key to anybody , but they withdrew all my 48,500,000 safemoons from my wallet. 
 How have they stolen my 48,500,000 safemoons?
 I connected my wallet to superxswap dot com airdrop website to claim their free tokens. I paid the transaction fee to superxswap but it was safemoon contract who received the fee. But i didn't send the fee to safemoon contract.
 Automatically, safemoon contract withdrew all my 48,500,000 safemoons.

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 I promoted TBC thebillioncoin but haven't earned money. I earned also the kringle bonus and admin didn't pay me because the non payment of fee.
 If you want to earn money with the cryptocurrencies, you must accept to lose or earn money. You cannot invest a big sum because of the high risk. You invest the money that you can afford to lose.
 Credit your Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and wait for token pre-sales. 
 You must stay connected to the media of your tokens.

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Invest in new transport technology Project
Skyway is a new transport technology.
Why does the world need SkyWay?

1. Environmentally friendly technology
4. Possibility to get to the most hard-to-reach settlements
2. Dozens of times less resources on construction than for other types of transport
5. High level of safety
3. Low fares
6. The highest speed of movement along the ground (up to 500 km/h)
Why do you need to invest in SkyWay?
1. Profitable allocation of funds. You purchase shares of the –°ompany at the discount of up to 500 times of the value, and when the Company enters the global market, you will obtain capitalization from 1,000% or more.
3. Intellectual property. The SkyWay Group of –°ompanies owns the exclusive right to the technology of SkyWay transport. According to independent experts, the cost of the technology is USD 400,000,000,000.
2. Lifelong dividends. From each project implemented by the Company, you will get a profit corresponding to your number of shares.
4. Co-ownership of the world Corporation. By acquiring the Company's shares, you become a joint owner of the largest world transport Corporation.
You want to invest in a safe and very profitable project or win commissions by sharing it ?
If you could come back in the past and invest in Google, Facebook or Youtube knowing what happened to them, would you have done ?
That's why you should seriously take interest in SkyWay Capital.
Become a shareholder of a revolutionary technology in the transport of freight and people.
Turn $15 to $540, $250 to $32,500, $400 to $65,000, $1000 to $235,000, $1800 to $549,000 and up with $ 50,000 to several millions through the IPO in October, 2017.
15% commission on the first level and up to 24 levels.
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Free minepi mobile mining app:
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A new site CAM tv like youtube but they pay for activities in their cryptocurrency. Certify your account after joined for free. You will earn 1 euro per referral for free.


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